We help brands turn data into interactive stories and analytics tools.

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Data Analysis

If you’re like many companies these days, you’re sitting on a mountain of data. But are you doing enough to leverage it?

With our background in data science and analytics, we’ll happily dig into your data repositories looking for insights. We process, clean, and model data to find stories worth telling.

Interactive Data Visualization

We love boiling down complex ideas into intuitive displays. And data visualization allows us to do exactly that.

We’ll handle everything start to finish -- like prototyping the visual design, building its interactive components with code, and testing that works in all contexts. We strive for visualizations that are beautiful, insightful, and performant.

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Infographics and Reports

Our brains are wired to consume content that we see faster than what we read or hear. Creating visual content can be a simple, but impactful way to make your message stick.

Perhaps you need an infographic for a blog post or media blitz. Maybe you’re looking to enhance the design of a data-heavy, corporate report. Either way, we’ll act as a partner in the creation of graphics that are actionable and on-brand.

Content Strategy

36% of marketers in North America say that “interactive content creation” is a top-five priority for 2018. That’s more than product how-to videos (26%) and webinars (24%).

We’ll help you formulate a strategy that revolves around data storytelling and interactive content. Together, we’ll think through how to source the necessary data, how to execute stories relevant to your audience, and how to promote and distribute published pieces.

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